Hari Menon

Recent Exhibitions

Invisibles – At the DUCTAC Dubai Community Centre in 2018

About Hari Menon

Hari Menon is a self-taught artist who hails from Kerala. He commenced his career in photography in Mumbai as a freelance photographer. Hari is known to capture mundane trivialities from everyday life and render them immortal. The play of colours and the inimitable perspectives in the photos he clicks, talks deeply about his passion and ardor for photography. Hari understands the terrain and inculcates the best possible use of natural lights, the play of light and shadow to deliver stellar results. He has an idiosyncratic penchant and prowess in capturing imageries from several facets of art, tradition and culture and seizing the nuances of the aesthetic.

His photographs have been featured in several digital and print platforms across the globe. The Government of India had also commissioned his works for the campaign – Incredible India and by the State Government agencies for the Kerala and Karnataka Tourism promotions. With a career graph extending over 14 years, Hari is an internationally acclaimed visual archive and has won numerous distinctions in his field. Some of his prominent works include – ‘Close to the Gods’ – documenting the dynamic ritual art form, Theyyam of North Kerala and ‘Invisibles’ – a pictorial yarn on the unveiled tribal cults of India. An instinctive photographer, his magical touch is evident in the numerous photos he has taken, ranging from stills to faces, and abstract to reality. Up late, Hari has also been conducting several photography workshops for aspiring travel photographers in India and abroad.